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Conference Room & Personal Professional Solutions

Personal Professional Solutions

Our LightCa™ connection is a professional personal videoconference connection to use in a Conference or Boardroom and on your desktop, smart phone or tablet.

Compatible with all large professional conference room equipment around the world, you can connect from your phone to a boardroom across the world seamlessly.

Put LightCar™ Video Conferencing to Work for Your Business

Technology Services that deliver healthcare, education and an infinite amount of possibilities - Phonoscope Global® can help businesses just like yours do more with video conferencing technology than you ever thought possible.

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Innovation moves to the beat of imagination, our motto is “If it works it's obsolete, ” L Cook

Strong, Reliable and Secure Connections that are Easy to use:

  • Conduct video conferences with a simple point-and-click user interface
  • Show and share presentation documents, slides, video clips, desktop, multiple screen sharing and much more
  • Manage questions and answers in real time during your meeting without oddities
  • Set up and manage with simple commands
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Strong, Reliable and Secure Connections
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