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    Dedicated Bandwidth
    With connections up to 100 Gb/s
    Guaranteed Uptime
    Featuring redundant connections
    24/7 Support
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    Symmetrical Speed
    Upload as fast as you download
    The Ultimate Speed for Services you need through PHONOSCOPE GLOBAL Internet.

Lightning-Fast Fiber, at Your Fingertips

At Phonoscope Global we know that in today’s world running a successful business depends more than ever on fast, reliable, and secure internet access. We are proud to say we provide for all these needs and many more with our dedicated and expansive fiber optic network, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your network connections are safe with Phonoscope Global.

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Lightning Fast Fiber

Secure Protected Connections

Phonoscope Global services run on the largest privately owned fiber optic network in the United States. Offering unparalleled connection security with end to end encryption on all network traffic as well as over 99.999% uptime, featuring built in redundant routing in the event of a severed connection to your business. Try our service today with the peace of mind only Phonoscope Global can bring.

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