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PHONOSCOPE is actively monitoring and responding to COVID-19 in accordance with guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We want to assure you that our highest priority is to insure that you remain connected with and through your internet, phone and television services.

We are invested as we have always been in the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and community since 1953. Phonoscope is a dedicated provider of Greater Houston and our employees are your family and neighbors. In building our network over the years our focus has always been to provide the best service anywhere for the economic and personal enrichment of this great community.

Today as we face this unprecedented crisis we stand together to protect you by keeping your business and home connected.

As your trusted business partner and neighbor, we want to assure you of our dedication to your needs and those of our own workforce. We have implemented our emergency procedures and remote employment policies. WeÕe asked every employee who is able to work from home to do so. Our employees are vital to making certain that our customers continue to have access to the Internet and other services they need to stay connected.

To insure that if an outage occurs you will get the assistance of our Network Operation Center, which continues to operate around the clock, our Phonoscope employees are working with and for you with the patience and dedication as family from their own remote workspaces. We also are continuing to maintain on-site staff such as our installers, technicians and engineers who are needed order to keep your services running. In order to maintain their health, safety and well-being, we work to maintain their safety we will work with you to schedule installations and service appointments during nonpeak hours. Additionally, such Phonoscope mployees in customer-facing roles are given appropriate preventive health measures, including approved masks, and have been implementing proper and frequent handwashing, sanitizing of their vehicles and equipment and other appropriate protocols.

We also ask customers to disclose if anyone in the house is sick so that we can make the proper assessment on how to handle the installation or repair service request, including whether to reschedule

Phonoscope's network is built entirely as a fiber optic transport that is the offers the most direct routes and is uncompromised. What that means to you is that you can rely on faster delivery and more bandwidth availability at a lower rate. Phonoscope is able to offer such service at such great rates because we were the first to build out this kind of a network. We started in the early 1980's before anyone else in the industry was even thinking of fiber optic communication, and we have never stopped nor do we intend to, we are here for your future.

Our network is a highly resilient ringed network architecture which means reliable services to our customers throughout the close to 5,000 miles of density in Houston and surrounding counties.

Continuity of Operations

Phonoscope has implemented several provisions of our Business Continuity and Pandemic Response Plans, for managing potentially disruptive events.

Suspension of all on-site vendor meetings and replaced them with virtual solutions; Transition of employees to work from home with our "full home office set-up" which includes our "lightcar product" for virtual collaboration; Implemented policy enhancements that provide paid time off for employees unable to perform their jobs remotely and affected by COVID-19; and Limited access to our office for cleaning frequencies, protocols, preventive measures and disinfecting all offices and call centers when everyone is at home.

Customer Assistance

Phonoscope has signed the FCCÕ Keep America Connected pledge. Through May 12, we will not suspend service to residential and small business customers because of the inability to pay their bills specifically due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Also, during this time, Phonoscope will waive any late fees because of customersÕeconomic circumstances specifically related to the coronavirus pandemic. If customers find themselves needing help due to these circumstances, please contact Phonoscope to discuss available options.

Phonoscope Fiber Communications

Phonoscope Fiber Communications®


Phonoscope Fiber Communications® delivers the same powerful bandwidth in the home that is used and trusted to support large Enterprise, School Districts, Universities, and Hospitals. This means you can count on the fastest most reliable and secure online experience available

Traditional copper, coax cable technology is susceptible to more interference and less reliable and obsolete. Every day new information tech nology equipment, applications and deployment methods are developed and the demand for bandwidth increases. The limitations of the old technology cannot support the ever-growing ne ed for bandwidth, but fiber optic technology can.

Phonoscope Fiber Communications® offers a true fiber optic symmetrical connection. That means equal speed up and down. The Phonoscope ne twork is over 23,000 miles of pure light fiber backbone with redundant rings, providing you with the fastest and most reliable internet speeds available anywhere.

"Sustainable technology for responsible lifestyles"

Our network is a pure 100% fiber infrastructure comprised of silica glass that uses light to transmit the data. Silica glass is made from sa nd - an inexhaustible resource that uses far less energy and creates far less pollution to manufacture than the extraction of copper from its ore.

Phonoscope Fiber Communication's Fiber-To-The-Home generally consumes less energy than traditional broadband technologies. Our gigabit activ e Ethernet and optical wavelength network layers are built for energy efficiency.

Sustainable Fiber Technology

Welcome to the Gigabit family

“We truly care about our customers as the Phonoscope family”

Welcome to the Gigabit Family

Phonoscope Fiber Communications is now rolling out the light-speed network access in certain communities around Greater Houston providing yo u with the fastest and most reliable internet speeds available which will enable you to share big ideas in an instant and leave you with more time for the connections that matter a t home.

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